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I’m glad this oil spill has re-energized the anti-drilling voices. Hopefully, we can finally stop pursuing the silly notion of American sovereignty and finally become fully dependent on those who want to kill us.

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Read another story today of Obama making a decision that is making Christians upset. I know he used to go to a building that advertised itself as a church, but when you listen to him and study his background, you understand that he is antagonistic toward Christians and supportive of Muslims – even radical Muslims. There are a few things Christ-followers can do.

1. Ask God to have mercy on Obama by opening his eyes, leading him to repentance and saving him.

2. Thank God for bringing Muslims here (Since we lazy, self-indulgent Christians wouldn’t leave the comfort of Amercia to witness to Muslims, God is bringing them here).

3. If it has been your habit to openly worship the Messiah even before Obame, etc. came to power, continue to do so (Remember Daniel? – "Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before." – 6:10)

4. If it was not your habit to openly honor the Messiah, but you wish to do so now, just remember humility, kindness and compassion. Ask God to teach us how to properly respond to those against us, as well as when to stand and when to move.

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Passed a minivan today with an icthus on the back hatch and an Obama ’08 sticker below it on the back bumper. I guess I could try to give the driver the benefit of the doubt and say that she believes Jesus is above Obama. But, then again, I’m still not sure how a person can claim to be a Christ-follower and vote for someone who is in favor of the execution of babies in and out of the womb.

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Twilight, etc.

A teenage girl wore a "Twilight" shirt to church the other day.

1. Are the parents merely ignorant or have they given up parenting?

2. How do church-goers miss the memo that the Lord is not pleased with demons, witches, those who communicate with the dead, etc.? Nor is he pleased when we approve of, support, or complacently stay silent when these lifestyles capture the attention of our teens and children (and adults for that matter).

Romans 1

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Parable of the Waiting Father

I have been thinking about the parable of the prodigal son alot this week. Mostly about the dad and the older brother. It all started when I heard a radio preacher ask his congregation if the story ever bothered them. Did the kid get away with sin? Was the dad too complacent? It was a good angle on the story.

I am a victim of God’s kindness. I wouldn’t blame God if he tore me a new one. I wouldn’t blame God if he just looked at me one day and shrugged his shoulders and moved on with his life. So, the parable of the waiting father still amazes me.

God’s compassion isn’t complacency. Too me, the key seems to be the son’s repentance. I don’t know how the dad would’ve reacted to the son’s return had he come back lacking humilty. Based on what I understand about God, brokeness is a big deal to him. In the OT, God was tired of the sacrifices of the people – no repentance, no humility.

I wonder what happened to the older brother?

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It sure is a good thing the world is so outraged at Israel’s evil decision. I mean, really, how dare they do what they can to protect themselves. After all, what have the Palestinians and Muslims ever done to Israel?

It’s not like Palestinians have ever pretended to be normal, peaceful people and then blown themselves up in an Israeli cafe’.

It’s not like Palestinians and Muslims launch random missle strikes into Israel for no reason.

At least no middle eastern leader(s) have publically declared they wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and that the Holocaust never happened.

I wish the U.S. and U.N. would stop condemning the Jews for defending themselves and start clearly condemning those who wish to destory the Jews. To condemn the Jews and barely slap the hands or groups and nations out to destroy the Jews is cowardice. We are at the tipping point of another holocaust. And like nations in the 1930’s, the world leaders of today will keep appeasing the killers and try and convince themselves and us that it is not really happening.

Those who don’t know history (and worldviews)…

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