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The National Day of Prayer

I have been hearing that there is quite a reaction to a court ruling regarding The National Day of Prayer. Even heard one use of the word "outrage."

One, why do we expect those who don’t worship the Lord to support a National Day of Prayer, other than for their political gain?

Two, why do we think God listens to anyone who actively supports (or, at least, doesn’t oppose) the execution of babies?

Three, on a more personal note, rarely do I invest even a second of intentional, concentrated prayer during my days. Sure, at times I "pray without ceasing" and even "mediate on God’s Word," but those things happen while I am driving or working or doing other things. I wonder what would happen in my life, my home, my neighborhood, my work if, instead of a national day of prayer, I had personal days of prayer?

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I heard the phrase "God’s bloody knuckles" yesterday and it has intrigued me ever since. The phrase is clearly a nod to Revelation 3:20 (an often misapplied verse of Scripture because of its use in evangelism). Jesus is speaking to a group about being earnest in repentance. The reason? — "Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline."

When the speaker said the phrase "God’s bloddy knuckles," it was like a flash. I instantly, clearly saw God’s bloody knuckles in my life. How many times a day does he try to communicate to me, to teach me? How many times does a lesson jump out at me? How many times have I payed attention? How many times have I forgotten? Is not my current life a result of ignoring God’s bloody knuckles?

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