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Where am I?

Just sitting here, listening to Christian music, catching up on article reading, thinking writing would be nice, but my mind is everywhere tonight. I’m thinking of the stuff I’ve been learning in church, the things God has been sharing with me during the week, my concerns about those who profess to be Christians and yet buy into some ridiculous philosophies and my thoughts that I should play a game that will distract me for awhile and settle my mind down. By the way, here was my reading for the day…

Psalm 131

I don’t concern myself with matters too great
or too awesome for me to grasp.
Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself,
like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mother’s milk.
Yes, like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, put your hope in the Lord—
now and always.

Is that awesome or what!

It could be that I am simply tired and need to turn off for awhile and just enjoy God and not do stuff for him. Sometimes a nap or a good night’s sleep is all it takes for things to fall in place and for my mind to clear up.

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Vacation is over – Day 10

On Friday night, I came down fast and hard – the 10th day home from vay-cay. Sure, I did put in almost 10 hours of overtime, but that was because we were really behind and I was fresh. Saturday and Sunday were tough and tonight I am zoned out. I took a nap after work. I’m in no condition to work on bills!

My first Sunday back was a sermon on vision. What a difference a week makes. Last week I was full of energy and hope for the future. Today, I’m a zombie. I mean I’ve got nothin’! 

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