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C-Day plus 110

Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday came and went 24 and 22 days ago. Really didn’t stop to think about those days. Didn’t read the Bible passages related to those days. Didn’t think about Christmas. Haven’t had a string of quiet moments which I need to be the guy God made me to be. How is it that I claim to be a Christ-follower and that I believe God wants me to pastor a congregation and I don’t invest the time to meditate on three huge days in the Lord’s life?

As Uncle Screwtape wrote, the enemy’s best work is keeping things OUT of our minds, not putting things in.

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Been awhile. Pretty much six weeks. My handwritten journal was eight weeks between entries. No good reason. The everydayness snuck up and gently wrapped me in a blanket of fog. I really have no idea what has happened to my time and my Bible reading. I’ve been reading books – more so far this year than in years past. However, my Bible reading has gone bye-bye. The year started great but March began a gradual decrease. I don’t really know why. My best guess is that I was learning so much (or, more accurately, God was presenting me with his stuff) and I wasn’t using it so I got full and lazy. Or, maybe I subconsciously got tired of so much hope, promise and vision and then having to go back to working a job that is exhausting that I just gave up because I could’t imagine anyone wanting me as a pastor.

Last week I had a shockingly clear revelation that it has been about 11 months since I stopped really studying the Bible. I could have studied 11 Bible books over this period, or been studying for a future ordination, or been studying to grow in wisdom as a spiritual warfare participant, or memorizing Scripture to heal my poopiness and renew my mind. I have no idea where the last 11 months have gone.

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