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C-Day pus 26

Christmas is over at our place. The tree came down today. The ornaments are packed. The manger scenes are put away. I’ll read the Christmas cards and write thank you notes and that’ll be that. In keeping with the spirit of moving past Christmas, my wife and I were not exactly joyous. That’s okay – I was hungry, I was tired, her place was cluttered. Probably not the time to take a pokey walk down memory lane.

I can’t imagine how brutal it was for Mary and Joseph on that night. I wish I knew how, or even if, they got along as they got hungry, tired, nervous. I guess I could spiritualize it and dream that things went swell, but I suppose we could excuse them if they weren’t super-saints this night.

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C-Day plus 7

Happy New Year!!!

See, I knew it. I didn’t journal about Christmas over these past five days. I think I read the Christmas story once over these past five days. I think we miss out on God’s best when we allow life/calendar/tiredness/weak mind/weak body set our agenda instead of us setting our agenda. I’ve been thinking about when Paul wrote, "I beat my body to make it my slave," and when he wrote about "girding your mind" and "fixing your eyes on Jesus" and "renewing your mind" and "be alert and self-controlled." I do believe God really does understand the fatigue that comes along with manuel labor (after all, God in the flesh was a carpenter, many of his disciples were fishermen and the most prolific author of the New Testament was a tentmaker). But I also believe that he wants me to hear him cheer me on to grow in my endurance. I believe he wants me to hear him as my "accountability partner" to do what I know is most helpful to grow in wisdom.

So, I hope I am growing. I won’t overwhelm myself – because Satan will try to counterfit what God wants and try to make me feel guilty for not being a "super Christian." I will learn from God and grab daily manna of grace and build from there.

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